Rider Expectations

Lessons & Goal:
Our training program is structured to help each rider reach their full potential and goals.

  • Riders that are ready to show are encouraged to attend and compete in the local schooling shows.
  • For more advanced students ready to make the commitment, it is encouraged, for riders to purchase or lease a horse, to allow for additional time in the saddle.

All equipment is provide except, riders must have:

  • Proper Hard Hat (Helmet):  Properly fitted ASTM/SEI Certified.
  • Proper riding attire:  Riding Breeches.  Paddock Boots or Tall Boots. Full or Half Chaps. (Must be purchased after 30 days of beginning lessons.)
  • Riders must wear:  Proper footwear: Boots with a heel. Paddock Boots or Tall Boots.

If you have any questions about equipment please feel free to contact your trainer.